Pet Care and Wildlife
Info Resources; National & International

Click here for Animal Spotlight Profiles and Videos
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
Pet Care Tips, Outreach, etc.

American Veterinary Medical Association
Finding a Vet, General & Emergency Pet Care etc.
An Ultimate Guide to Pet Adoption. Addresses Myths; Provides Tips, Resources and
Other Info
Provides a listing of various pet costs including, grooming, food, medical tests,
medical procedures, etc
-- Dog Costs
-- Cat Costs
-- Horse Costs
-- Farm Animal Costs - Guide to Flying With Pets
Pet friendly airport and relief locations;  Pet health requirements for each state
Travel rewards and programs offered for flying with your pet; etc.
es-1263.php - Animals and Their Sleep Health
Provides sleep care info and tips for pets and a variety of other animals
- How Much Sleep Do Dogs Need
- How Much Sleep Do Cats Need
- Sleep Patterns of Other Animals
- Should You Let Your Pet Sleep In Your Bed - Dog Stereotypes
Fact vs. Fiction: Addresses Stereotypes and Provides Info About Various Dog Breeds

Home and Yard Safety for Pets
-- ADT Security - Pet Proof Your Home

-- Home Advisor - Pet Proofing Your Home and Yard

Guide to Pet-Safe House Plants

Guide for Bringing Home a Rescue Pet

The Simple - Emergency Medical Costs
Provides Cost Estimates On Emergency Medical Care For Pets

Discusses Pet Insurance Options and Factors (Pre-Existing Medical Conditions, etc.)
To Consider After Adopting a Dog or Cat
Offers Pet Insurance Plans with Various Insurance Providers, Pet Care, Tips, etc.
Pet Insurance Reviews

No Kill Animal Shelter Network
List of No Kill Shelters, Outreach, etc

Humane Society International
Public Resources, Outreach
World Wildlife Fund (World Wide Fund For Nature)

Wildlife Conservation Society

Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitators
Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation

Humane Society of America Rehabilitator List http://www.humanesociety

Geo Eco / "Volunteer For Wildlife" Worldwide
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