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Work-From-Home Companies (Non-Sales Jobs)
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The Work-from-Home resources listed below generally include jobs for virtual call
center/customer service, transcribing, content writing, tutoring, etc. If you're
interested in sales, many of these companies also have sales jobs. However,
these groups are selected for their non-sales opportunities.

Work-from-Home -- also called remote, virtual, online or telecommuting jobs --
require that you have a computer and Internet access. Many of these jobs also
require that you have a corded, land-line telephone to use during work activities
(Ex: taking call center/customer calls, etc).

Apple Computers
Note: They call their work-from-home customer service agents, Home Advisors


Hilton Hotels

This company only offers online teaching/tutoring jobs

Arise, Convergys and Live Ops
These companies are hired by other companies to provide work-from-home
staff for jobs in customer service, transcribing and other opportunities. You
would be considered a contracted-employee or independent contractor

Arise http://www.ariseworkfromhome.com/work-from-home/

Convergys  http://www. convergys.com/careers/na/ united-states/work-at-home

LiveOps https://join.liveops.com/work-from-home/#office-requirements

Net Transcipts
Note: Transcribing involves listening to audio recordings from meetings, events,
etc., and typing all dialogue from the recordings, word-for-word. This primarily
includes recordings from government and law enforcement proceedings.

This company only offers transcription (transcribing) work. When using the
following link for the first time to search for their opportunities, just click on
"Search For Jobs" without entering any "Keywords" or selecting a position.  
This will allow you to access all transcriptions jobs and view details of
all available work openings

Note: We generally don't post job resources that ask for fees or other paid
services. However, Flexjobs is highly reputable; has been thoroughly researched;
and has been personally and favorably used in the past by NS staff.

This company offers access to their database of thousands of work-from-home,
part-time, and other flexible jobs for a wide range of Fortune 1000 companies.
There's a monthly fee of $15, which comes with a money-back guarantee.

To determine if this service would be of value to you, they allow you to search and
review jobs -- and other tools --  in their database for free.  Info on the companies
that are offering the jobs are shown; however you would have to sign up for a
monthly subscription to apply for the jobs through them and get info on the
specific contact persons for the jobs
We're continually updating your #1 resource spot. Got resources you want
us to check out?  Email

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