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(1) Free
There are some companies that allow you to create and download a resume that's
100% free -- all the time. The plus is that it's truly free. The downside is that their
templates and related services may be limited.

Resume Genius
Their services are truly free; but unlike many 100% free services, they're tools and
related services are relatively extensive.  

They offer paid premium services, however they have a wide range of resume,
interview and other free tips about employment. This includes:

-- How To Make A Resume: A Step-By-Step Guide  

-- Military to Civilian Resume: How to Use Your Military Experience

-- Common Job Interview Questions and Best Answers (20 Examples)

The Interview Guys
They also offer paid services, but they give free resume advice such as the
differences in resumes; best fonts for resumes and other practical tips (Scroll
down 1/4 of the page).

Free, free trial and paid services are offered for resume, CV and cover letter templates

(2) Free Trial Membership
There are also companies that have paid "membership" services; however, they
have a trial period that's 100% free. The plus side is their trial membership is free,
and it gives you temporary access to a wide range of options and tools.

The downside is that you will probably be asked for a credit/debit card to start the
membership. If you're required to give a debit/credit card, ordinarily they have to
get temporary authorization from your card company, which means there will
probably be a temporary authorization charge of $1. You're refunded the $1, but you
will be charged that from the start. This is a customary transaction for most
industries -- whether its for cable tv, telephones, or any other industry with online

Offers resume, cover letter, job tools and other services. Their trial membership
is free; but make sure you have $1 on your card for the temporary authorization.

(3) Kinda Free
These services give you access to most of their tools so that you can create a free
resume. However, if you want to download the resume, there's a fee. The fees vary
because they may charge you for each download or they may charge you a trial
rate that allows you to download as many as you want for a temporary trial period.
Trial periods are usually 14-30 days; and trial rates are generally $2 - $5.

After the trial period, if you decide to keep the service, a monthly membership fee
is charged. Those fees also vary with each company, but they commonly range
from $15 - $30 per month.  In addition to their resume services, most of these
companies also provide cover letter templates, job search services and other tools
as a part of the monthly service.

Live Career
Their free information site (if you want to see samples - no fee)

Their resume service site is fee based if you want to use their templates and other
services to download resumes, cover letters, etc
. Create a resume for free; but to
download it, there's a $3 fee for a 14-day trial. After the trial period, its $25 per month
for unlimited services and access.
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