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The Nubian Empire was located in the northeastern region of Africa, and included
what is now called Sudan, the Nile River valley, and parts of Egypt and Libya.
The empire was known only as Kush (or Cush) for about 2000 years. However,
the empire not only consisted on the Kush kingdom, which thrived 1070 BC to
350 AD; but also the Krema Kingdom of Kush, which reigned during 2500 BC to
about 1600 BC.

Ancient civilizations were generally agricultural societies – as was Nubia.
However, the Nubians were also miners and traders of gold, carnelian,
hardwood, incense and other manufactured goods; and Nubia was considered
to be “a gateway to luxury products”. Nubia and Egypt had a complex business
and military relationship, and were culturally tied to each other. Depending on
the period of time, Nubia and Egypt exchanged periods of domination. In one
of their final exchanges, Nubia governed Egypt for about 100 years.
The Nubian Empire
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The elastic material, Spandex, was named by mixing up the letters of the word
"expands". Spandex was invented in 1959 by Dupont Laboratory chemists in
Virginia (USA).
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